Jeff’s Place

Sandford Family Rule # 27 – when you move away from home, wherever you land is not home. To me home for each one of my kids is where I live. When they move away they live at a place, that is not home. When Jeff first moved to Japan, he taught English and lived in a place that was 6X6. Yes. I meant six feet by six feet. His bed was raised so he had room for a desk and could hang his clothes from the bed frame.


Terianne and Jeff outside his place


Terianne at the doorway

Now that Jeff is a business owner he lives in a much bigger place. Jeff has a Japanese partner and their web start up is:  – check it out.

I didn’t measure but Jeff’s place must be at least 250 square feet – 300 if you’re inclined to exaggerate. The main door opens right into the kitchen which might be 8X8 including the traditional Japanese space where the floor is about 3 or 4 inches lower.




Called a Genkan (玄関) which is a traditional Japanese entryway areas for a house, apartment, or a building-a combination of a porch or a doormat. The primary function of a genkan is for the removal of shoes.


It made me feel like I’d better take off my shoes – or else. And Jeff took so long to answer when I asked if I had to I did usually take off my shoes. Some public places i.e. upscale restaurants and the public bath we visited have a large genkan right inside their doors.


The hot water hangs on the wall next to the door.

The wall along the side has a sink area with drawers and a cabinet below plus an area that is a few inches lower for a stove top (not included, so one of the first things Jeff bought.) Two cabinets are on the wall above the sink. And I mean way above. I could barely reach the edge of the bottom shelf and I’m 5’4”. On the wall across from the door sits Jeff’s refrigerator that’s about four and a half feet tall. I rarely see the top of a refrigerator, but it made for a nice storage space.

The wall across from the sink area has the door to the bathroom.


The bathroom is very efficient.


Beware – this one is a wet room. Meaning anything left on the counter gets wet whenever anyone takes a shower. But the toilet is amazing with a control panel on the side for the heated seat, spray, and even music!



A set of sliding doors leads to the main room which has a bed meant for two but it’s only a bit larger than an American twin bed. Jeff’s closet, a bit of a luxury is along one wall so he has lots of storage. He gave up his bed that serves as a couch during the day and slept on a futon that he folded and stored in his closet during the day. Jeff’s place could not be called spacious but small spaces do make everyone feel closer – literally.

Up next “Walking, walking and more walking.”



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